6x Complete 5 Minute Farms

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6X Complete 5 Minute Farm Packages w/ 24 Lg. + 24 Std Vessels | Pro Lids | Locking Suspension Cups | Grow Light | Seeds in Reusable Seed Hotel | Nutrients | 10 Pack of Growth Medium | Germination Stations | Reusable TopLock Measuring / Mixing / Expansion / Storage Bag.

Black Thumbs, Master Gardener & those that have never grown anything will appreciate how simple these are to grow your own glorious and amazing fresh food with little time, less effort, and no skill required.

In less than 5 minutes from opening the box, you can easily have your farm started, and maintaining it is even easier just water / add nutrients 1 x every 30-45 days on average or longer.

Harvest what you need directly from the Plant - It doesn't get more fresh and there is nothing on the plants that you didn't put on them.

Included 40w 225 LED Flat Panel Grow Light 12in x 12in and is so thin it is hardly noticeable when off and mounted under a cabinet, shelf, table or?

Complete Step by Step Courses & Support.