Life, The Universe & Everything Kit

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LIMITED: Complete 5 Minute Farm Combo Pack 4 Large + 4 Standard + Bonus Large Farm Vessel + Choice of 5 from any of our Available Cultures, Mothers, SCOBYS or Yeast.

Turn Your 5 Minute Farm into an Entire Healthy Food Supply Chain System - Get the Cultures, Systems & Accessories and Components to use your Farm Systems to make an array of Healthy Living Foods.

This Package Includes Choice of 5 total of (any combination) from Cultures, Grains, Mothers, or SCOBYS in Glass & Bamboo Hotels + all the Components and accessories to Make Yogurt, Make Kefir, Make Probiotic Teas, Make Artisan Vinegars + Make Natural Soda Kit PLUS a Bonus Large Vessel and 2 x 1000 ML Bottles!

You could make amazing living foods while your seeds are germinating and then put germinated plants in systems when they are ready!Get everything in 1 stellar package to create your own Restaurant at the End of the Universe if you desire.

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